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Focus group
Focus group
Focus group

Continuation Projects

PERCEIVE has welcomed additional research projects which complement the aims of the main study. PERCEIVE aims to evaluate innovative hospital-based mental health care interventions:

Develop measures of staff and patient satisfaction
Measure key indicators of costs in inpatient services
Assess two admissions models: ‘triage’ and ‘mainstream’
Integrate a menu of ward-led therapies, and assess them by randomised control trial


Design in Mind

The Design in Mind continuation project aims to examine the design and layout of the ward environment, and how this impacts on both patient well-being and staff satisfaction. It is hoped that this information will help influence ward design in future. more



Change is a constant theme for staff working in the NHS. Over the last 15 years the mental health services have undergone major operational changes with community services becoming more comprehensive… more

Self-Esteem and Coping with Stigma group

A group CBT based intervention aimed at improving self-esteem and the ability to cope with stigma,… more



One of the features of these crises that spans all diagnoses is the difficulty such people have in dealing with their emotions, regardless of what they may be. The emotional regulation group to be run is adapted from Dialetical Behaviour Therapy, one of the few therapies with an evidence base that targets emotional disregulation. The study aims to evaluate the acceptability of an emotion regulation group on inpatient mental health wards.