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What is Doorways?

The Doorways project is investigating whether increasing the access to therapeutic activities on acute inpatient psychiatric wards improves ward atmosphere. Naturally, increasing the access that service users have to these therapy groups raises a number of interesting questions, many of which are the focus of our research.

At the heart of this project is the central question - what are the effects of increasing the amount of these therapies that the ward delivers to service users?

We are carrying out a detailed investigation of the ward atmosphere before and after the increase in therapeutic activities, to explore how this change is perceived by patients and staff alike.

In addition, we will explore the sustainability of the positive effects of these changes (particularly on staff morale and service user satisfaction) as well as monitoring any possible negative effects.


Doorways has already been a great success across seven acute inpatient wards located within the boroughs of Southwark and Croydon, which between them serve a catchment areas with a population of approximately 250,000. The project is now being expanded across the surrounding boroughs of London .

The study will run for a period of 24 months, during which there will be five periods of data collection. At each data collection time, two wards will be assigned at random to receive an intervention of a new program of therapeutic activities.


Rumina Taylor

"I have learnt so much from working with staff and patients on the wards. It’s been great to see the benefits of increasing therapeutic activities and to appreciate what good work is already happening on the wards."

Dr Rumina Taylor, Clinical Psychologist and Staff Trainer


Our clinical psychologist trains ward staff to deliver a range of therapeutic interventions on the ward. These require varying degrees of nursing staff input. Staff on the wards will have an opportunity to select the interventions most suited to their service user group, and those which most compliment their current program of ward activities.

Each ward will receive training in four core groups, and in two of five possible optional groups. These are as follows:

  • Core Groups:

    Communication Skills
    Social Cognition and Interaction Training
    Medication Education
    Cognitive Remediation Therapy

  • Optional Groups:

    Emotional Coping Skills
    Relaxation Techniques
    Hearing Voices
    Problem Solving
    Self-Esteem & Coping with Stigma

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    Primary outcomes

    Secondary outcomes

    (a) Patient assessments

    (b) Staff assessments

    (c) General ward assessments:

    (d) Economic measure

    For further information, please contact:
    Dr Emese Csipke, Project Co-ordinator on 0207 848 5001 or fill the contact form here

    Current staff:

    Research Workers:

    Caroline Gibbs
    Alison Ram

    Clinical Psychologists:

    Dr Rumina Taylor

    Dr Charlie Heriot-Maitland


    Paul Williams

    Health Economist:

    Ramon Saves-Figuera

    Past staff:

    Research Workers:

    Alistair Bailie
    Sarah Byrne
    Jo Evans
    Chris Fassnidge
    Helen Glossop
    Hannah Kelland
    Bina Kerai
    Caroline Laker
    Douglas Pearman
    George Salaminios
    Jacqueline Tilley
    Ann Wood

    Clinical Psychologist:

    Dr Stephen Livingstone