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Focus group
Focus group
Focus group
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To measure service user and staff perceptions of inpatient care, using a participatory research model developed by Dr Diana Rose.

Two questionnaires (named ‘voice’ – for service users; and ‘vote’ for staff) have been developed and will be used in BETTER PATHWAYS and DOORWAYS to evaluate the effectiveness and acceptability of the interventions.

These measures were developed by Jo Evans, Service User Researcher and Caroline Laker, Nurse Researcher of the Service User Research Enterprise (SURE). SURE is a body within the Institute of Psychiatry that undertakes research testing effectiveness of services and treatments from the perspective of people with mental health problems and their carers.


Process of measure development

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Jo Evans

"I feel really proud to be part of a project where service users are so involved in
helping to improve people's experiences whilst they are in hospital."

Jo Evans - Service User Researcher

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Process of measure development

Focus Groups

Measure Development

Testing the Measures

VOICE Results

VOTE Results

Next Steps


·        LIAISE Workshop


  • RCN Mental Health Nursing Forum Conference & Exhibition, Liverpool

·        LIAISE Presentation


  • User Involvement in Research Conference, Norway.


·        LIAISE Presentation


  • QRMH3: ‘Staff & Service User views of Acute Inpatient Settings - 26th August 2010.   


·        LIAISE Presentation


  • INVOLVE Conference, Nottingham. 


·        LIAISE Presentation


  • Surrey & Borders Partnership R&D Conference, Leatherhead


·        LIAISE Presentation


  • HSRN/SDO Network Conference, Liverpool


·        LIAISE Presentation


  • EABCT Congress, Iceland


Caroline Laker

“I am interested in how improvements to the therapeutic environment will impact on staff perceptions of their working practices”.

Caroline Laker - Nurse Researcher

For further information, please contact:

Diana Rose, Senior Lecturer on 0207 848 5104 or fill the contact form here.
Jo Evans, Service User Researcher on 0207 848 5147 or fill the contact form here.
Caroline Laker, Nurse Researcher on 0207 848 5065 or fill the contact form here.