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Team Perspectives on PERCEIVE

Prof. Til Wykes

“It is exciting to be leading a project using psychological therapies which have an ever growing evidence base and are requested by the service users themselves.”

Til Wykes, Chief Investigator

“It's great to be working on such a large project aimed at improving inpatient services, especially since we are bringing more psychological therapies to the people who need it.”

Emese Csipke, Project Co-ordinator

Csipke Emese
Steven Livingstone

“I've really enjoyed finding out about the good work which is already happening in wards.”

Steven Livingstone, Clinical Psychologist and Staff Trainer

The comparison research should prove useful whether it confirms previous positive findings about the Lewisham triage admissions system, or shows downsides as well as benefits.

Doug Pearman, Research Worker

Doug Pearman